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Technical Specialy Of Control System

1.    TIGER 512 Single Head

Double voltage control for example, present standart voltage of printhead is 14.8V/14.4V (in 25), in single voltage control, the voltage values of two lines of nozzle both are 14.6V, which is the average value.

This can not meet the requirement of the head and ink viscosity so the ink drop size can not print fluently and constanly according to the double lines of nozzles in KM512 and double voltage circle, we design 2 sets of voltage and temperature adjusting curve in hardware to separatecontrol the voltage of each line more accurately. So in different temperature, the ink drop size and the jetting speed (6.0M/S) from the two lines of nozzle can be the same, and the saturation and color of the printing can be the same.

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